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Quitting complaining could be the best decision you make this year

Complaining is something that everyone is absolutely guilty of from time to time. There is nothing wrong with expressing your feelings on a situation that negatively affects you as long as it is done in a certain way and in increments. If it’s not a habit, it can actually help you. But first, you have […]

Listen up, small business owners!

Don’t let the Walmarts and Amazons take over the economy completely. There is still definitely a need for small business but in order to stay alive, sure to watch these trends as you can find yourself ahead of the curve if you do so properly. What do you think about these trends? Are these tips […]

Cutting down road blocks to success

It is  common adage that courage is not the absence of fear but rather overcoming fear. The same is true for success. It is not about not being worried about the risks that you are taking, it is about having the wisdom to take the right risks and above all else, believing that you can […]

Staying Motivated is Half the Battle

When it comes to this dog eat dog world of entrepreneurship, staying motivated really is half the battle. The amount of energy that it takes to really make a small business work is so immense but the payoffs can be that much greater. Here are some great tips that can help you stay motivated and […]

It’s Not An Easy Job!

Finding investment properties or being a real estate agent is no easy job and this is just one example of it. In addition to the odd hours and sometimes unsteady nature of the market, there is also the pure logistical fact that you are going to places you have never been before and that means […]

Interest Rates from the FOMC

How the federal Open Market Committee meetings fare, is a good indication of what interest rates in the real estate market will be like and what to expect on a potential buyer’s ability to actually purchase a home and get into a mortgage. As such, it is important to keep an eye out for all […]

Growing Housing Markets

Although, the housing market has been on a rebound from the economic recession, it is much healthier than many people realize especially in certain areas. Cities are changing rapidly as jobs are bouncing back. Take a look at these ten cities that should be looked at if you are wanting to invest in real estate. […]

Mortgage Rates Falling

Mortgage rates from Fannie Mae have been falling like crazy. Fannie Mae is one of the biggest mortgage lending firms in the United States that focuses on affordable home mortgages to allow more people to own homes, therefore rebounding the housing market from the Great Recession. 2015 does seem to be a great year for […]

How to Manage Personalities

There is a huge difference between a regular boss and a leader. Leaders are capable of managing stressors and problems in a way that is effective and doesn’t end up taking a toll on a leader’s personal life in an irreparable way, potentially burning them out on the job. This is a great article about […]

Hottest Markets in the US

The key to real estate investing is finding the hot areas before they are too hot to afford and make more money on. In order to find these about to be hugely hot areas, it is always wise to look at the hottest markets around so that you can view prices, see if you can […]