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Mortgage Loans

In the height of the real estate crash in 2008, people were walking away from mortgages and banks were foreclosing on homes left and right. In the years since, we have been slowly but surely recovering and a recent study is showing huge improvements in mortgage loan delinquencies that are even better than before the […]

Closing Costs Dropping

Closing costs are something that many real estate investors or those who just need to sell their homes, do not plan for. It is something that can end up being very costly depending on the situation but recently, it seems that the market is dictating that closing costs are dropping drastically as people are purchasing […]

Chad Chiniquy on Chicken Soup For The Soul

Here is a great video of Chad Chiniquy being interviewed by Mark Victor Hansen of Chicken Soup For the Soul.  Chad Chiniquy discusses his family, real estate, his success and how you can learn and implement the amazing strategies that have helped him become successful in the real estate industry.

I Want a Mortgage Loan and I Want it Now!

This would be a perfect new catch phrase for the newly re-defined J.G Wentworth as they branch out into the mortgage lender business. When most people want to diversify their financial portfolios, they move into real estate and this is a perfect example of a company doing just that. I’ll be interested to see how […]