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Avoid These First Year Real Estate Investing Mistakes

During your first year of real estate investing, you’re going to make mistakes. There’s a learning curve you have to go through, of course, but if you do your research and learn from other people’s mistakes, you won’t have to suffer the same ones. Whether you’re interested in a fix and flip, investing in an […]

Lowest Foreclosure Rates in 2016

Good news! Rates of foreclosures were the lowest they have been in years in 2016. The article below from Housing Wire goes into great detail of just how low rates dropped across the country. This is a positive thing because it signifies more recovery from the recession. Our economy is still rebuilding, but if the […]

Starting the New Year with New Happiness

It is easy to become caught up in the everyday woes in the workplace where you show up, do your job and leave without feeling hardly any excitement, happiness or passion. Make it your new year’s resolution to find your happiness at work again. After all, if you love what you do it will not […]

The Housing Market Next Year

Predictions are beginning to be made for the market as 2017 quickly approaches. 2016 has been a year of upswing as we continue to shake off the recession blue, so hopefully that will carry on into the new year. Read Joe Melendez’s predictions on Housing Wire and see if you agree or not. Hopefully the […]

Keeping a Happy Workplace Environment

We all know that when you group individuals of varying personalities and skill levels together in a work environment it is not always going to be smooth sailing. Conflict does happen, but it is how it is dealt with that matters. If you oversee other staff and want your workplace to be stress free as […]

Flipping is Continuing to Grow

The house flipping industry is still booming! Statistics have been released for the second quarter of the year and they show a 14% growth from the first quarter and a 3% growth from 2015. If you recently branched out into the industry, you’re not alone. Read about the latest industry stats in the article below. […]

Love What You Do

No matter what your profession is, if you have been doing it for one year or twenty years, it is possible to get caught up in the everyday woes of going to work. It is important to love what you do so work does not feel like work! Read this helpful piece on how to […]

Britain’s housing market is momentarily thriving

If you have been thinking about investing in some properties abroad either for personal use or to flip, a great market to consider is Britain. Although Brexit is sure to be a catalyst for some interesting changes in the state of the European Union and Europe as a whole, the housing market for now could […]

Market on the rise

Although it has been a long and arduous road out of the housing crash of 2008, there seems to be some hope that this market is recovering as there are more home sales being completed and quicker than we’ve seen in a long time. This data is a good indication that this is a wise […]

Good news for client communication

If you are communicating with clients on a regular basis through text and email, you can often find that it is hard to find the time to do so, making emojis your best friend. The emoji selection however, has been extremely limited for the real estate community, but that’s all changed now. Check this out. […]